"F.ormal L.ogic D.ecay"
Cassette. Self-produced (1990). A few copies spread.

Handmade xeroxed coversleeve. 

My first <un>official analogic work signed as "F.L.D.", devoutly inspired to
P.Schaeffer 50's  concrete experimentations. Poorly produced but with tons
of interesting heterogeneous sound-capturings.

Cassette. Self-produced (1991). Unpublished.

Handmade, partially drawn coversleeve. Unique copy.

Probably one of my most enigmatic works,
 based on electrical energy
and its possible 
concrete musical applications.

Cassette. Self-produced (1991). Unpublished.

Unluckily the original coversleeve
has been lost. Unique copy.

See mcd reissue for details.

"anaLOGIC 95"
Cassette. Self-produced (1995). Unpublished.

Handmade, partially drawn coversleeve. Unique copy.

Only analogic sources have been used for this work, logically elaborated,
analogically proposed without any computer aid.

Cassette. Self-produced (1995 or 1996). Unpublished.

No cover realized. Unique copy.

Research work, entirely based on natural (no computer, sampler
and absolutely no effects have been used) vocal frequency
modulations and experimentations only.
(I don't exactly  remember when it has been realized, but surely
between the above and below mentioned titles).

Listen to some tracks 

"inFORMAL 96"
Cassette. Self-produced (1996). Unpublished.

Unluckily the original coversleeve
has been lost. Unique copy.

Realized in 1996, but never published
 also in this case the original
has been lost. 

Under the aegis of J. Cage, this work
partially analogic, partially digital explores the sonorous meanders
between serial and random music.

Listen to some extracts 
alea 2: paranoia
gas modulation

Song. No cover realized. Unique copy.

Inspired to J. Carpenter's namesake cult movie, this song musically
draws from the main theme, deepening its horror component through
dark ambient contaminations and scores addiction.
Realized just for my own pleasure, but at the end with a result which
deserves at least to be mentioned here.

Listen to an extract 

"Wearing out till Oblivion"
Song, included in the cd-r sampler "Florilegium Insaniae",
published by HIEMS Creations in 2000.

Color xeroxed poster-cover + inlay-card.
Limited edition of 300 handnumbered copies.

Split in two different (for mood and sonorities) moments, ideal stages
of a cathartic path to obliveon: experimental and apocalyptic the first one,
fluid and devoted to J.M.Jarre's electronic music the second one.
A track among the most melodic composed in the research-repertoire
of F.L.D. doubtless.

Listen to an extract 
Wearing out till Oblivion (2nd part)

Published by Anaemic Waves Factory in 2000.

1st legendary release of A.W.F. in a extremely limited edition of 30 handnumbered
and certified copies only; packaged in plastic hard digibox with gadgets;
to be precise: 7 explicit negatives and a color expository-card with razor-blade.

1 hour of bare hallucinatory and mindwasting apocalyptic power-electronics matched
with perverse and outrageous artwork inspired by japanese s/m extreme practices.

Published by Anaemic Waves Factory in 2000.

Very limited double edition of 18 + 32 handnumbered and certified copies only;
packaged in phosphorescent flat-cases (respectively deep green + photonic yellow
ones), each one preserving in a special expository-space my authentic
"genetic signature" (=sperm)...

A new evocative work, now less obsessive, more dark ambient / semi-industrial
oriented and inclined to a cyclic and rhythmic control
of noise and to a wide space research.

"Verso l'Equilibrio"
Song, included in the cd-r sampler "The Suns of Lutetius",
co-produced by Anaemic Waves Factory / Oktagön Records in 2001.

8 pages oversize (A5) booklet (parchment + black cardboard), decorated with translucid
golden-printed sticker. First 50 copies come hand-knitted. Limited to 200 copies.

Back to my always favourite soundtrack- sonorities, here I proposed a nihilist song
soaked in apocalyptic shades.

Listen to an extract 
Verso l'Equilibrio

"Løvstakken (a sonorized environmental report" [Collectors' Edition]
Published by Anaemic Waves Factory in 2001.

Handmade 8" plastic packaging, limited to 21 certificated copies only.

Realized before Dark Vinyl bought the copyrights for the print of the album,
now the album it's sold-out I decided to spread these few copies of the item,
proposed in the original single track mastering
and contained in a special yellow packaging.

"Løvstakken (a sonorized environmental report" [Official Release]
Published by Dark Vinyl  in 2001.

Standard jewel-box. Limited to 600 copies.

Harmoniously composed by field-recording done on the namesake mountain
during my stay in Norway, processings of those recordings and music inspired
by the sensations I felt through the memories of those days.

Naturalistic ambient meets esoteric dark ambient and 70's electronic-music
in an album which declares the human smallness lost in the embrace
the Great Mother offers.

Listen to some tracks 
Løvstakken, trk I
Løvstakken, trk II
Løvstakken, trk IV

"Apocalypnosis" [Reworked]
Published by Anaemic Waves Factory in 2000.

Full-color quasiA5 oversize packaging. Cd-r printed on demand.

Also available a special edition with black polycarbonate cd-r.

Of course, due to the very low edition, the first copies of this work ran out in
a couple of weeks. After a big demand, I decided to reissue it, but in a totally
new and re-arranged <remastered> version which makes this work practically
almost new and in my opinion better than the previous bony one.

The artwork of this new edition derives from the first original one, to respect
the apocalyptic concept. Whilst under the sonorous view I think the most
important mark of this version is the addiction of noxious frequencies.

Listen to some tracks 
Apocalypnosis, trk2
Apocalypnosis, trk3
Apocalypnosis, trk4
Apocalypnosis, trk5

"Macht geht vor Recht"
Mini-album. Unpublished (2001).

Promo with color booklet. A few copies realized.
Realized in 2001 only as promo cd-r spread among a few persons.
Master damaged and all data lost after the crack-down of my old pc,
but luckily some exemplaries are still around.

My rhythmical processing of noise founds its best form in what has been the
most ignored work from F.L.D., due to questionable interpretations of the
concept (a musical transposition of Holocaust).
78 rpm vinyls extracts amalgamate with techno-trance grooves,
IDM harsh beats, military-apocalyptical atmospheres and humanized
power-electronics devastations.

Listen to some extracts 
M.G.V.R. trk II
M.G.V.R. trk III

Song, included in the giant cd-r sampler "Teddy Bear Remix Project",
published by A.f.e. Records in 2003.

4 x cd-r set in hard cardboard box + several gadgets (pins, keyholder, inserts,
lollipop...and ants guaranteed, I can assure....). Limited to 100 numbered copies.

Exclusively recorded for this rich sampler box with 64 possible versions
of the same song, passing from synth-pop to ambient-noise.
My interpretation finds place amidst Kraftwerk's meanders.

Listen to an extract 

Published by Anaemic Waves Factory in 2003.

Handmade leathered 3" mini-digipack mcd-r. Limited to 99 handnumbered copies.

After more than 10 years I discovered among my old tapes this work (1991)
-simple but atmospherically interesting- which needed a carefull restoration.
So I spent tons of months to obtain what has been at the end digitally re-proposed:
an unique long track of deep meditative cinematic dark/space ambient.

"La prima volta"
Song, included in the cd-r sampler "Snuff Electronics",
published by Butcher's House in 2003.

Rich oversize (A5) 32 pages packaging + printed cd-r. Limited to 100 copies.

One lost track (master lost due to my pc crash) from F.L.D.'s noizy repertoire,
dedicated to 70's erotic movies: a perverse filthy sonorous deposition
in pure snuff electro style.

"Antropophagus" [song+essay]
Song, included in cd sampler "Readrome v.1.0",

enclosed in the research fanzine Amoeba n.0,
published by Rustblade Records in 2003.

A4 magazine + cd

Tribute track dedicated to the disregarded memory of the cult director
Aristide Massaccesi (best known as Joe D'Amato, David Hills or other
pseudonyms): a death ambient reconstruction of the atmospheres
belonging to the splatter masterpiece "Antropophagus".

Also enclosed in the zine a personal little essay about the topic.


#8703: last harsh expression
Song, included in cd-r sampler "The Power Propaganda",

published by Anaemic Waves Factory in 2004.

Red metallic envelope containing a red cardboard glossy printed
6"  square booklet. Limited to 133 copies.

Supposed to be the last power electronics track to be composed,
conceived for and recorded during a private party given by
a friend of mine during july 2003.


Tribute to Koji Tano
Song, included in the mega 10 x cd-r tribute-sampler
assembled by Steinklang Industries in 2005.

Free sampler, available for free download HERE.

Within only 23 days after Koji Tano's death this compilation was finished and
154 artists from 31 countries took part in this act.
Even if no longer so interested in raw power electronics expression during those days,
I felt the moral duty to pay my personal homage to this great contemporary musician
(better known for his project M.S.B.R.), to whom I owe
part of my power-electro influences of my past production.


That Old Black Magick
Song, included in cd-r sampler "Arte Noise",

published by MDT / Noise Industry in 2006.

Dvd box edition.

Starting from an old classic jazz song belonging to J.Arlen / H.Mercer,
a dark ambient reinterpration in ritual / concrete terms...
Another release dedicated to the memory of Koji Tano.

Collection of unpublished / rare stuff to celebrate more than 20 years of
activity for this musical project, published by Selenophonia in 2011.

Megabox 18.5 x 25 cm. Limited to 80 hand numbered copies only.

The box contains: 2 x cd-r , 1 x 3" mcd-r, 1 x poster, 1 x key ring, 2 x 1" pins,
1 x bookmark, 2 x 'unholy' cards, 2 x square mini-prints and 4 x file-cards.

21 years after the birth of the project F.L.D. this celebration box sees the light,
containing almost entirely (except for a handful of pieces anyway rare)
unreleased tracks, which for various reasons have not found place among
the official releases of the project. 
This is study material painstakingly retrieved from demo tapes now ruined,
drastic experimental reworkings of official releases, unfinished unreleased
material, thematic compositional divertissement, musical tributes, and more. 
A collection of sound recordings that somehow sum up the research essence
and the evolution of this multifaceted project until now.
46 tracks that trace the history of the project under a totally new and intimate
perspective, far from a useless "best of". 
Industrial, power-electronics,
musique concrète, dark ambient, apocalyptic folk, alea, childish, soundtrack,
avant-garde, experimental voice, minimal, etc... 

The essence of F.L.D. it's all here for the first and last time.

Listen to some extracts / tracks 
Silent Love [complete]
Untitled Soundtrack 1
Untitled Soundtrack 2
Recycled Empternity, p2
Recycled Empternity, p5 [complete]

Published by Selenophonia in 2013.

Two colors embossed metal box + silver vinyl-look cd-r. 

Special on demand reissue, enclosed in a cold packaging, fit for its sonorities.

One hour of hallucinatory and mindwasting apocalyptic power-electronics
enriched with symphonic contrasting recalls, jazz breaks and noxious hidden frequencies.

Five tracks to retrace the last moments of human irrationality now dominated
by an uncontrollable primordial instinct and the advent of mechanical and digital Chaos.

"His Master's Void"
Published by Steinklang Industries in 2013.

Limited digipack cd.

A concept album focused on deconstruction and re-arrangement in a contemporary way
of old XX century songs. Starting from Musique Concrète research, passing through
electroacoustic music experimentations, stretching to the Industrial extremism the tracks
of this album plan to fill a technological void and pull the “cover” classic conception down
according to a wider spectre of expressive instruments with which translate the intuitions
of these authors of the past, to whom we wish to pay our - hopefully not barren - tribute.

Tributed Authors:
K. Weill (3 songs), H. Burr (Elvis Presley’s author), A. Piazzolla,
F. Buscaglione, R. Johnson, G. Gershwin
+ new ironical song “Nuclear Love at Tiki Bar”

Complete audio previews on BandCamp 
Click HERE to visit last BC releases section.

Published by Beyond... Prod. in 2016.

Oversize folder with embossed finish, cd.

An old album I thought lost in 2003, year in which I suffered a daw crash and
so a big loss of music ready to be spread (almost 5 albums and other recordings).
Now restored / remastered, on this album like in "Lovstakken" I improvised the
analog electronic parts,giving them an esotic touch as well
which harmonizes with the esoteric source of the concept.

“Origamystical” is a Shinto sonic ritual about the purity / sacredness of paper
(in Japan the pronounce of 'paper' and 'gods' - "kami" - is the same since ancient times)
tranlsated in a long cathartic path of one hour divided in four moments of purification,
spaced out from a crescendo of meditative steps.


4 untitled tracks
Tracks included in double dvd "Solchi Sperimentali Italia - The Movie".
Published by Solchi Sperimentali Discografici in 2017.

Oversize packaging with embossed finish, 2 x DVD

These tracks have been excerpted from F.L.D. archives
(stuff sometimes I restore from tapes or old hard disc backups) and move from
dark ambient to noise-jazz passing amidst tribal electronics.
Each of them has been used for the sonorization of the 2nd DVD (see below).

Detailed info about this huge collective project (started from a crazy idea of
Italian writer/journalist Antonello Cresti and surgically directed by Francesco Paolo Paladino/
consisting of one movie + a sort of little encyclopedia of Italian Experimental Scene,
the authoring of which I also took care of) on the official movie website.